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Nubuwo is designated for fellow pioneers in the realm of video game culture. We envision a world where the depth and significance of video games as an art form are recognized and celebrated. With the utmost dedication, our team curates compelling articles, reviews, and features that explore the vast landscape of this vibrant, influential, and rapidly evolving culture.

Our History

Nubuwo came to life in 2011, emerging from the shared passion of a group of video game enthusiasts who were dissatisfied with the superficial analysis and critique surrounding the industry. Each of us understood that gaming extended far beyond mere entertainment—it had gained a prominent space within contemporary culture and deserved serious examination.

Our Founder, Kevin Hamilton, a visionary and a seasoned gamer, recognized this gap. With over a decade of experience in games journalism, he endeavored to fill this void by gathering a team dedicated to unearthing the artistic value within the medium of video games. Since its inception, Nubuwo has grown exponentially as we established ourselves as a dynamic and authoritative voice in the industry.

Why We Do What We Do

We created Nubuwo because video games possess artistic qualities that deserve to be critically explored, appreciated, and documented. We believe their cultural impact has often been overlooked, and the conventional perception of video games needs to evolve.

Every day, our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and contributors delve deep into the world of video games, offering unique perspectives and incisive analysis that shed light on the intricate narratives, immersive visuals, memorable soundtracks, and innovative gameplay experiences that make up this diverse universe.

Our Objective

Nubuwo’s core objective is to foster a deeper understanding of video games as an art form, inspiring meaningful conversations, supporting diverse voices, and promoting the wider recognition of the industry’s cultural significance. By curating rich content, dedicated to well-informed discourse and critical analysis, we strive to introduce our audience to the profound artistic, emotional, and societal impact of video games.

Our Target Audience

Nubuwo is intended for professionals, enthusiasts, and aspiring creators within and beyond the gaming industry who seek a thoughtful and comprehensive exploration of video game culture. We target those who recognize the immense value that gaming brings as a form of art expression. Our readers are passionate, culturally aware, and appreciate the intricate details that accelerate the boundless potential of this vibrant world.

Our Unique Value

What sets Nubuwo apart is our team’s unwavering dedication and commitment to providing unique and authoritative content that goes beneath the surface of video games. Thanks to our team of experienced editors and contributors, we continuously uphold our high standards and explore innovative ways to portray the depth and relevance of video game culture. Each piece on Nubuwo has been meticulously crafted to engage and immerse readers in a comprehensive narrative that transcends beyond the gaming screen.

Through insightful interviews, well-researched articles, captivating features, and thought-provoking opinion pieces, Nubuwo unveils the hidden power of video game culture, providing a platform for dialogue, reflection, and appreciation.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we unlock the potential of video games, revealing their true artistic brilliance to the world.

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